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There Must Be More To Life Than This!


THERE MUST BE MORE TO LIFE THAN THIS! is an inspirational, motivational book for Christians of all ages, all backgrounds and all ethnicities. And after reading it, these same Christians may well want to pass it on to others as an evangelistic tool.

This book is for those who feel that there must be more to life than they are currently experiencing. There is!

This book is for Christians who believe, go to church, live good lives, read their Bibles and pray – and yet! They read in scripture of a God who spoke to his people, worked miracles, and caught people up in his purposes – and they too feel that there must be more to their life than they are currently experiencing. There is!

Barrie Lawrence is neither a Reverend nor an ‘ordained’ minister, and has no degree in theology. He is an ordinary Christian, but in the forty six years since he first came to faith, has experienced hearing God and seeing the Lord do some amazing things, and as God is ‘no respecter of persons’, knows that any Christian can experience God as he has. He says, “This is how it’s supposed to be. I’ve experienced it and you can too”

In Part One he writes of a series of incidents that are either God, or amazing co-incidences. In Part Two, we have a user-friendly manual showing how anyone can come into relationship with the living God, who wishes to have a meaningful relationship with each of us, and do amazing things in our lives.


  1. There must be more to life than this :- A great read for people seeking to meet Jesus, a great read for
    new Christians and a great read for some old Christians like me. Great that it encourages the whole spectrum, keep it up my brother.

  2. Hello Barry!
    I have not read your book, but I am a Christian like you, eager to make people understand that we are created for a life living in a close relationship with God. Here in Norway where I live we are currently starting up new Onlline Alpha courses, also an amazing evangelistic tool with a similar approuch as in your book. The startup event for an Alpha course focuses on the same same conclusion: “There must be more to life than this”, and therefore i would like to ask you if it is OK to use the colorful fronpage title image from your book when promoting the Alpha course startup event.

    Best regards
    Steinar Aanstad

    • Hi Steinar, Greetings from the UK and thank you for your email. I trust you are blessed and thriving! You may gladly use the book cover for your Alpha course, and may the Lord bring souls to know him through the course, and draw each one closer, as Jesus is lifted up. (Any mention of my book would be appreciated!). Have a great day. Shalom! Barrie

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