Hi! I’m Barrie Lawrence, author, speaker, retired dental surgeon and bookseller. I love life, and I love to write. I am told that my enthusiastic approach to life – my joie de vivre – comes through in my writing. And so often in the everyday happenings of life, there is humour, if we can but see it. Perhaps not taking myself too seriously at times helps in that respect. We need to laugh at ourselves at times.

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  • A Treasury of Norfolk (A companion volume to BIG BLUE SKY – A Celebration of Norfolk)

  • Be entranced with this love affair of over 70 years with the county of Norfolk.

  • Now it’s your turn to hear his unbelievably funny, sometimes poignant stories from dental school, surgery and life.

  • Barrie takes the lid off life in a dental practice in a way that is engaging, entertaining, and totally unforgettable.

  • Dentists from hell? Well, that is what some of my patients told me they were watching on television, where there was a programme of that very name. What about PATIENTS FROM HELL?

  • This book is for those who feel that there must be more to life than they are currently experiencing. There is!

  • Frozen shoulders, broken relationships, work overload, Crohn’s Disease, financial challenges, wanting a husband, not wanting divorce… and that cat, and so much more.

  • Money, Dosh, Dough. We all need it, but – how do we get it? This book tells you HOW! And having got it, what do we do with it?


  • What a wonderful, beautiful message from a lady in Iran a month or so ago. She is a dentist who was given a copy of the Farsi translation of one […]

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  • It was the first day of term at the primary school in the village of Wroxham. The form teacher for the year above our class had left at the end […]

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  • Once again, Thank You to Kris Harris for updating this site, following publication of TALES FROM A COUNTRY BOY! Want a great web designer? – Go to Kris Harris!

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    Published On: May 30, 2024

Barrie Lawrence

Hi! I’m Barrie Lawrence, author, speaker, ex-dental surgeon and bookseller, Christian.

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