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Patients from Heaven


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Dentists from hell? Well, that is what some of my patients told me they were watching on television, where there was a programme of that very name. DENTISTS FROM HELL? What about PATIENTS FROM HELL? But hardly any of my patients could be described that way. Most of them were ‘friends disguised as patients’ – they were wonderful people. In fact, they were PATIENTS FROM HEAVEN. Truly. And interesting, sometimes fascinating, memorable, and in some cases, extraordinary. So I sat down and listed some of the special people who had passed through my surgery – lords and ladies, comedians and clowns, barristers, drug addicts, undertakers… and even a few dentists. Then I wrote their story, short and to the point but with all the farce and foibles that were sometimes a part. And there was just the occasional patient from… that other place!


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