The Curious Case of the Constipated Cat

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A terminally constipated pussy cat, two frozen shoulders, a man with a broken arm, a boy with a deformed arm, broken relationships, work overload, lost at night in a foreign city, irritable bowel, Crohn’s Disease, financial challenges, wanting a husband, wanting a wife, not wanting divorce… All these needs were met after prayer. Coincidences? Psychosomatic? Don’t be so silly. Come on – get real! Barrie and Wendy Lawrence, two very ordinary people, say, “If He can do it for us, then He can do it for you.” Is anything too hard for the LORD? Get a realistic, meaningful relationship with the King of kings, and be amazed at what He can do in your life. This book is all about JESUS!

“Feel your faith rise as you read these stories of answered prayer – faith to reach out to the God who can meet your need too.”

Don Double, Evangelist and Founder, Good News Crusade

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Hi! I’m Barrie Lawrence, author, speaker, ex-dental surgeon and bookseller, Christian.

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