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We have just returned from Amsterdam, visiting daughter Naomi and family. We went window shopping in the Dam Square area, and enjoyed the sense of Christmas,, the colour, and the bright lights.

I was stuck by the number of shops that were focused on one type of product. One shop sold just sweets

another bathroom products

another cheese

and another a thousand types of rubber duck, and so on. Bright and colourful.

Like us! We are all part of this world, and yet each different. I took pictures. They are bright and colourful. There were also nondescript shops – grey, dull, boring.

What sort of shop are you?  Bright, colourful, cheerful? Dull, grey, boring? My daughter in Amsterdam lives in a poor area, where there is much deprivation and poverty. Previously, she lived in Bosnia for many years. She feels a call to such areas. ‘I want to be a bright light in a dark place”, she told me. Those Jesus calls, are to be lights. She takes cheer and practical help wherever she goes. She is bright. She is like one of those Christmas shops. I want to be like that too. How about you?

People say that my books brighten up their lives, make them laugh, and also help them handle life. My latest is BIG BLUE SKY, available from most good (East Anglian) book shops, Waterstones online, Amazon online, or from me personally. £9.99,

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