Thursday, January 20, 2022
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I never meant to write a book – and then my first one was published. And now my seventh was not really intended, but perhaps a result of the pandemic lockdown.

The title has changed around 7 times, and although I have gone through the manuscript around 20 times (and Wendy once and friend Jonnie once), it might still have a few tweaks when the usual proofreader has done his stuff.

BIG BLUE SKY – A Celebration of Norfolk is the current title and looks like it’s here to stay. I was born in Norfolk over 76 years ago, and have a wealth of memories. It’s not what the churchy person would call ‘religious’, and apart from touching on my spiritual journey in almost the final chapter, it’s simply ‘Norfolk’. The accent, the vocabulary, the culture, the landscape, the history (brief and vague!), illustrated with experiences such as tracking and trapping coypus, and cycling home with live, wild mice in my pockets, harvest-time in the late 1940s, rationing – and all under a big blue sky.

Don’t expect anything theological – you’ll be disappointed. But if winsome, folksy and often humorous tales of our home county appeal, you might consider giving it a look. When? Not before springtime!

Sketches of a folksy nature are being prepared by artist Chris Bambrough. Maybe some blue on the cover, though. Chris enthuses over cartoons, but I love his sketches. He also happens to be a really decent guy. Even if not from Norfolk!

Still many more hours of work ahead, but well down the home straight.

Very best wishes for a much better New Year to you all.