Golf Humour!

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The golf club has re-opened, and I have been chasing that little white ball again. Wonder Woman insists on pulling my cart round for me, which makes it even more fun. 

I have been amused at the descriptions of some golf shots over the years. For instance, you can hit –

A Saddam Hussein. That’s a shot that goes from bunker to bunker.

A Sally Gunnell. Not very pretty, but goes like hell. (Supposed to go through the air, but mis-hit, and tears along the fairway).

An Arthur Scargill. A good strike, but achieves nothing. (The ball is hit well, but doesn’t go where intended).

A Dominic Cummings. This is the most recent, and describes a ‘long drive that goes out of bounds’. 

Should Dominic Cummings have driven to Durham in order for his child to be cared for? Rules are rules, and laws are laws, and surely apply to all of us. Many others were in the same situation as DC, but did not break the rules. And driving 60 miles to check your eyesight? So, if you knock someone over you know your eyesight is poor? A stupid excuse from such an intelligent man.

As a practising Christian, my main guide is the Bible, and I believe the Holy Spirit gives that book real life. It speaks to me. And my understanding is that, so long as God’s higher laws are not broken, we keep the law of the land. So, if it became illegal to read the Bible, or worship God, or tell others the gospel, I would break the law. Christians are told to do these things in scripture. So God tells us. But drive 200 miles when told to stay at home because of a pandemic – no way.

Just my thoughts. And I always welcome other’s views. Feel free to write in.

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