Red Roses!

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Red roses covering the front of a tiny cottage in Frettenham attracted 4 offers within a week of it going on the market. My offer was the lowest, but I had nowhere to sell, and so my offer was accepted.

Not that I really wanted to live there, but I bought it as an insurance policy. I thought, hoped and prayed that my marriage and family would soon be together again, but if not…. However, after over 6 months of trying, the marriage did not come together, and the cottage adorned with red roses became the home where I learnt to cook, launder, iron, keep chickens, and many other things – learn to enjoy life again, dinner parties, have friends round, etc. That was 39 years ago now.

The cottage has grown, with 6 bedrooms that could just about accommodate our 6 daughters and 20 grandchildren, should they all arrive together one Christmas! And as the front wall is yet again covered in red roses, I reflect, and thank God for His provision and love for me, all of my life.

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