Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Saved to be a Tramp?

A young friend of mine, Pete (not his real name), wrote to me this week. What a woeful tale! Since giving his life to Jesus, he had lost his job, his wife, his home, his savings, etc. He did not want any more Christian fellowship.

I told him about another friend of mine, called Dave. A number of years ago, Dave, a policeman, gave his life to Jesus. Life improved, but his wife did not like it. She left. The stress of that caused him to lose his job, and his home. So a career change – the policeman became a tramp, and lived under an upturned boat on Southend beach.

In despair, Dave tried to commit suicide. Three times. Each time, someone got in the way, walking in front as he sped a car towards a concrete wall, or pulling him back as he jumped in front of a train.

Dave decided to look up an old Christian friend – who told him he stank, hosed him down, dressed him in proper clothes, and showed him love. He met a young lady, they fell in love, and are now in full time Christian ministry in the UK, and also helping orphanages in India.

He also saw the person who had three times prevented his suicide. A man with beautiful blue eyes, who told Dave he would not need him again – and vanished. An angel.

I am reading the book of Job just now. God was proud of him, but allowed Satan to test him. During the testing, God still loved him, and later showered blessings on him.

I have had heartbreak and trials – but have come through into blessing. Dave had an awful time, but is now finding tremendous fulfilment in serving the One who blesses him so greatly. I do hope Pete has a similar story one day. While Satan tests us severely, there is a Heavenly Father who loves us dearly, and who will bring us through into something so much better.

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