Sunday, November 28, 2021
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PEOPLE INSPIRE ME! I expect some of you (those I know personally, or who correspond with me) inspire me.  My Facebook friends inspire me. Travel pictures, meals, adventures, etc. that they post, often inspire me to ‘have a go’. 

A couple in our village inspired us this week. They shouted across the road (from several metres), “We did a dawn chorus walk the other day”. Inspiring. We were up shortly after 4am this morning. I took a quick iPhone photo through the bedroom window, and in no time, we were walking the lanes. Enjoying the sunrise. Inhaling the freshest, sweetest air. Listening to the birds. Amazed at the zillions of rabbits bobbing out of our way. 

Nostalgia. As a young man, I, on three occasions, undertook a 56 mile night walk. Starting at 6pm and pausing for a mug of soup at 30 miles. I saw the sun rise and I heard the dawn chorus. It would take me just under 14 hours, though I would jog each alternate 10 miles. These days, 15 miles leaves me walking like Captain Tom for a couple of days.

Inspiration. A medical student telling some of us that Jesus had changed his life. Brave man. I thought, ‘You’re training to be a doctor. You need to see one mate’. But he and others inspired me to seek the truth on the most important issue ever – and now the One Who created the sunrise and the dawn chorus is an amazing, integral and essential part of my life.

My Facebook friends, inspire me – and I try to reciprocate. I am asked for info on our holiday destinations, and can I recommend hotels, and (yesterday) can I send a recipe? Of course. Always.

Say – anyone for a dawn chorus walk!