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APOLOGIES to those who have looked for my latest book on Amazon, and not found it. I have just looked too, and it’s not there yet.

I think it’s the system! Bear in mind this is Norfolk, as I explain. I write for fun, as a hobby, though I take my Christian writing very seriously. The local wholesaler takes my Norfolk books physically to shops and stores across East Anglia. He also retails books online (Bittern Books) and advertises on Amazon.  He did for BIG BLUE SKY, and will be for this one.

So I might have jumped the gun a little. TALES FROM A COUNTRY BOY came out around two weeks ago, and so it may not yet have reached Waterstones, Jarrolds (Norwich), Roys (Wroxham) and others yet. Or Amazon. But it soon will. And if you live in another part of the country, and my Norfolk books are not on the shelves of your local Waterstones, they too sell them (and others of my books) online.

So, apologies where I may have been too quick off the mark. And you can always buy them direct from me. Just email me at barrielawrence@btinternet.com.

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