BIG BLUE SKY – out soon!

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BIG BLUE SKY should be out soon. In fact, within the next 2 months. No author appeals to everyone, and I am so grateful to those who say nice things about my books, and encourage me to keep writing. I trust you will not be disappointed with BIG BLUE SKY. 

From the immediate post-war years, I have early memories of a formation of bombers and fighters growling across our Norfolk sky, whilst  I innocently caused our chickens to become so drunk that they could not stand up. The local accent can be confusing – a shiver in your finger? – and at times, almost hilarious, with churchgoers sitting in poos, and regular churchgoers sitting in their own poo. If you follow me; if not, read the book. 

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With mates Sludge, Gully, Shadley and Roger the Rough, there were adventures inspired by characters appearing on our all-new flickering black and white television screens, whilst with more amorous intentions, I pursued Sandra, and Barbara pursued me. And all under that big blue Norfolk sky.

I love this county of my birth, and enthuse to relate stories concerning the culture, legends, accent, history, landscape, and more, illustrated through innumerable memories from childhood and later. I trust you will enjoy reading of my romance with Norfolk, lived out under a big blue sky.

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