It’s Coming On!

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How much longer will this book take? I wrote my first book in 3 weeks – but took 3 months to edit it. This book, BIG BLUE SKY – A Celebration of Norfolk, just happened during the pandemic restrictions. I felt some sketches might be helpful. I was recommended to an artist. We did a deal. But no sketches arrived. Months passed, and I felt disheartened. 

But a lady in our church can sketch. And so can the son of another couple in the church. They have produced sketches, and I am so grateful to them. Then I decided I wanted more sketches. One of my daughters sent a few in, and a young grandson sketched a ‘fat boy’. And even I have had a go! So now I have a manuscript with quirky Norfolk sketches, though I still need more.

Maybe Christmas, or maybe Easter, but I am determined to finish this book. So here are a few of the quirky little sketches. Thank you to Pauline, and to Jonathan, and to a few family members who will be named in the book.

It’s coming on!

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