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Thank you for buying my books! Well, some of you have, during the past 6 months, because I received my royalty cheque in the post yesterday. And some of you will have borrowed my books from libraries, and I receive payments for that twice a year; so long as sufficient numbers are borrowed, which has been the case so far. So another Thank you.

BUT – it’s a strange world! I wrote my latest book (Pennies From Heaven) in order to help people who struggle with personal finance. Three significant people have gone out of their way to tell me that it’s the best and most helpful book I’ve written. So why is it not selling? Could it be that those who cannot manage money, don’t want to learn?

I am a sensitive soul! So, realising that it is not really selling very well (yet), I felt that my days of writing books were over. No big deal – I’ve written several, felt each one was in response to a divine leading, and have found the work very fulfilling. But maybe that season was finished, I thought.

And then my royalties arrived. Yes, my latest book has not sold many copies, and yet – a book I wrote and which was published in March 2014 (A Dentist’s Story) has recently outsold all the rest put together! Well, long may it continue, though I would like to see the others do likewise.

Another interesting fact is that whereas previously I have had sales in the USA and Canada rivalling those in the UK, the last six months has been heavily weighted in favour of the UK.

Finally, will I be changing my car, extending my home, travelling more, raising my lifestyle, etc. as a result of this? The answer is a resounding ‘No’, as I give away so many copies to those who cannot afford to buy, and sell most others, personally, at a big discount so that people of modest means can afford them.

God has been good to me, and taught me so much. I love people, and I love writing. I am taking a break from putting pen to paper (or simply ‘tapping’) just now, but if I can help others by imparting that which the Lord has taught me, then that is my privilege and my pleasure.

With best wishes to you all this Christmas!


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