Saturday, January 16, 2021
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The Hermit!

Do you remember Herman’s Hermits from the ‘60s? I loved them, together with the Beatles, the Animals, the Monkees, the Searchers, and so many more. I could recite the top 20 at any time, almost, and played them on my reel-to-reel tape recorder in my early Uni days.

The members of those groups looked so happy as they performed on Top of the Pops. What glamorous days!

But everything was not so happy on the inside. John Gaughan, one of Herman’s Hermits, stayed with us this week. He spoke and sang at our Full Gospel dinner on Thursday evening. He was drinking alcohol regularly in his early teens, and when rocketed to stardom, and performing at Madison Square Gardens and the Hollywood Bowl, was soon on two and a half bottles of vodka a day. He could not drive a car unless he had drunk significant quantities of vodka first!!!

From stardom and celebrity status, John went from top hotels to living on the street and attempted suicide. Then someone told him that God really loved him, and Jesus could change everything, and the day came when he was cut off from all his alcoholic addiction, and started a whole new life in Christ. He loves this new life, and just keeps telling others about Jesus.

I was not an alcoholic like John, and nor did I ever do drugs (and nor did John). But my life was unfulfilled and disappointing until I heard about Jesus and a whole new life. I surrendered to Him. Life changed. The greatest change was that fulfilment now replaced disappointment.

How about you? What Jesus has done for John Gaughan, and for me, and for countless others, he can do for you. Don’t miss out – receive Him today. And if you cannot quite understand this, email me today and I will explain more.

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