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Wendy and I heard this week that some churches in the area are experiencing difficulties with finance. Our vision of ‘church’ is a little different than that of both the traditional denominations, and of the new church variety. But we are all the same Church, and really love those meeting in other places.

Indeed, I am national chairman of an interdenominational international fellowship of Christians from all churches.

We are living in ‘unprecedented’ (BBC – so it must be true!) times, and there will be much change. How will the church change? What is our vision of church? I write as a retired dentist, lover of the countryside, husband, father, grandfather, and also as a practising Christian, and below is the blog I wrote for our church earlier today –

BLOG of the church called LIBERTY! Sunday 14th June 2020

We met as usual, as we have been meeting for years, for praise, worship, breaking bread together, prayer, etc. But just Wendy and me.

A sense of the presence of God. A sense of being empowered for the week ahead. 

We considered the foundations upon which we build. That the Bible is God’s word and reliable. That all it says is reliable, with regard to God and his purposes, people, promises, etc. We build on that.

We hear that some churches are struggling, and we prayed for them. But how different the foundations of some. Some have a ‘priesthood’, whereas the Bible says we are all the priesthood. Some have elaborate buildings

whereas the Bible church met from house to house

and hired halls for larger meetings. Today however, some have ‘staff’, and pay ‘wages’ and ‘stipends’, and as the work increases, take more onto the ‘payroll’

whereas in the Bible church, those called moved out into ministry and found their needs met as the Spirit moved believers to support them. Sometimes the supply was not there, which was quite OK, as they were not averse to returning to secular work as and when necessary. Paul periodically made tents.

Are some ministers today greater than Paul, and deserving full time, all the time, salaries? I can seem to be cynical and critical, but I love those in other churches because they are our brothers and sisters in the one true Church. However, foundations are important, and some of the churches’ struggles during this pandemic could be seen as a wake-up call.

We meet again next Sunday, same time, same place, and when you are allowed to join us, you will be welcome.

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