Glorious Skies!

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The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Ps. 19:1

Wendy and I have just returned from 5 weeks away. Phew – we have not left home for such a long time before, but it enabled us to spend time with family in New Zealand, as well as take a 5 night break in Fiji.

So many places, events, people, restaurants and more, will remain as warm and exciting memories. And one for me has been the skies. Cloud formations, rosy red sunsets, evening skies in shades of peach, and so much more. They have been beautiful, almost beyond description.

Psalm 19 verse 1 often came to mind. This psalm states that creation itself speaks volumes concerning the glory of the Creator. In this verse, it speaks of the sky. At times it is awesome, speaking of a God Who is more awesome still.

Maybe you opt for chance, coincidence, Big Bang, and other beliefs emanating from our secular society and culture. But take a look at a few of my recent photographs, simply snapped with a handy iPhone, and enjoy the beauty of the skies.

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