Thursday, July 2, 2020
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Elan Valley Dams -and design!

Wendy and I have just returned from a few days in Wales. We had been walking in the Derbyshire dales for a week. That was my 28th time there. Some people would say, “How sad is that!” – but we love the hills, rivers, wild flowers, birds, blossom, etc.

I have taken on a little more responsibility with the Full Gospel fellowship, and was invited to meet with the presidents and field reps of Welsh FGB last Saturday morning. So it seemed sensible to go straight there from Derbyshire, and were we in for a treat!!! We walked from the Elan Valley hotel to the reservoir, and there was a dam. One of about 5. Huge. Magnificent. Victorian. And together with the others, supplying Birmingham with all the water it has required for over a century.

What a feat of engineering those dams are. Thousands of workers following the most amazing designs, and sending water all the way to Birmingham, through tunnels, across viaducts, etc. all powered by gravity.

But there is another design that is infinitely more wonderful than those dams. The human body!

The human body is truly amazing, way beyond our comprehension. So many different organs carrying out so many complex functions, carried by a framework of bones and cartilages that self-lubricate with exactly the correct amount of jelly-like substance; a chemical plant that changes food into living tissue that sees, hears, thinks and has consciousness; a brain that is more complex than any computer ever devised or constructed; lungs containing 300,000 million small blood vessels that could stretch over 1500 miles; each kidney contains 1,000,000 individual filters…..

How wonderfully complex, amazingly intricate, beautifully patterned is the human body. And yet there are those who would say it came together by chance… by accident… by chance… it just happened to evolve!! No wonder we read in scripture that, “the fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’” (Psalm 14:1).

And if those amazing dams came together by design, only a fool would suggest that the human body has come together by accident or chance.


  1. Hi Barrie
    I like your description of the human body, what an awesome God we have.
    Glad to see you are in good health and being used by God. I haven’t seen you for 50 years. I was looking through the FGB magazines, as we had watched a John Wright DVD on witnessing. The Voiice magazine is good to leave with people.
    I came across you in searching the magazines. I thought I just say Hi.
    You are blessed. Stuart

    • Hi Stuart, Greetings from Norfolk. My site has had certain problems for a few months, which are now ironed out, and what a delight to see an email from you. So much has happened in 50 years!!!!! My personal email is and I will email you again from there. Boxing Day, and 26 sleeping here this week. I am married to Wendy (Sheila is on the south coast at Emmsworth) and we have 6 daughters in 5 diferent countries, and 20 grandchildren. We are sleeping 26 here this week. It is busy!!!!

      My best wishes for the New Year, and I would very much like to stay in touch with you.