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“What is red, but smells like blue paint?” asked granddaughter Alice, with a cheeky grin on her face.
I hadn’t a clue, and told her so.
Red paint!” she said, with a huge smile, and we both convulsed with laughter.

Your sense of humour could be different from mine, but I think many of my readers probably share it. Maybe even those from across ‘the pond’, where there has been a recent surge in sales of A DENTIST’S STORY, and which might explain why a lot more people are looking at my Facebook Author’s site. Anyway, young Alice’s riddle caused me to think of some dental riddles, which I made up myself and hoped would amuse my patients.

Riddle. What do you call a man with his front tooth prepared for a crown?
Answer. Spike!

Riddle. What do you call a lady with her front tooth prepared for a crown?
Answer. Peggy!

Riddle. What do you call a lady with a gap at the front of her mouth?
Answer. Bridget!

There are some riddles in the Bible, such as that made up by Samson in Judges 14. However, the Bible itself is much clearer and easy to understand than some people suggest. “It’s so obscure”, and “You can make it say what you like,” are sometimes sentiments that are pushed my way. But when asked, “Have you actually read it?” The response is either “part of it” or a straight “No”.

I became a Christian when I surrendered my life to Jesus in October 1965, and then became keen to understand more of this wonderful Person who changed my life, and turned disappointment to fulfilment. I spent just 15 minutes a day reading the Bible whilst still at Uni, but had more time after I qualified as a dental surgeon. I then spent an average of 3 hours an evening for 18 months, reading every chapter of the Bible and making notes, after which I read it through quickly several times. And it all made sense! No riddles, no obscurity – to those who want to understand about the true God and so much else, the Holy Spirit will reveal everything through the Bible with great clarity.

But I still enjoy riddles!

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