Saturday, January 16, 2021
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“A 77 day cruise?” I exclaimed, following a catalogue of holidays from the man sitting on my left at dinner.

We were going to an ABBA concert at Carrow Road football stadium in our home city of Norwich. The West End cast of Mama Mia were going to perform, and our friend Jonnie James was playing bass guitar.

But first there was a dinner in Delia Smith’s restaurant.

We did not know the others on our table, but they were an eclectic mix. One couple had been together 3 months, and he worked offshore on a rig. One lady was by herself, and had ditched her partner because she’d had enough. And then there was the couple who cruised. Over 40 cruises, I think, and one recent one was 77 days, and many were over 30 days. That seemed to be what they did most of the time.

I too am retired. Well, from being a dental surgeon and a bookseller. But we are called to work, if I read my Old and New Testaments correctly. 6 days a week work is mentioned, though we are not under law today. I work, and I have holidays. But those who do not work should not eat, so I read in the New Testament.

I work. I write books, and other material. I speak at meetings. I spend time organising FGB meetings. For some things I get paid, and for some I do not. Some cost me. But my Heavenly Father looks after me. He has promised us He always will – but we have responsibilities. One is to work, which I find very fulfilling.

What do you do by way of ‘work’?